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If you have a barn or YARD and want a cat, please contact us  407-522-2617 or email

Going Green has never been so easy with nature's best rodent control, the Cat! Supporting a barn/yard cat is the safest way to control the rodent population and you are helping an animal in need.


  • no poisons for children and pets to get into

  • no need to set nasty traps

  • saves & shelters a cat


This is a volunteer effort from CARE Feline TNR to find safe homes for cats that have been impounded at OCAS and cannot return to their colony. They are on death row. 


We provide: The cats - neutered/or spayed with current vaccines. We will bring the cats to you, set up temporary cages for them to adjust to their new home, give you instructions, and help monitor the transition.


You provide: food and shelter for the cat.


If you have a barn or YARD and you want a barn

cat, please contact us:  407-522-2617 or


Please do not ask to be placed on a waiting list

for your cat to go to a barn home. We do not

have enough barn homes for existing cats.

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